The Solstice Moon - Reiki & Crystal Therapy, Clairvoyance & Tarot Card Readings
Are you feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, or just worn out 
living in today's hectic  environment? 
We are all under extreme pressure at work, with deadlines to achieve, problems that we are trying to resolve, or just have busy lives.
How wonderful it would be to relax and unwind in a tranquil
 atmosphere, where the stress of your day is put behind you, enabling you to recharge your energy levels so that you can live and enjoy
your life to the full?
        then welcome to
The Solstice Moon
 My name is Kaye Wing and I am able to offer you a unique and individual combination of Therapies to aid in reducing your stress levels.
Or Readings to help you gain some insight and clarity to help you resolve personal issues and situations. 
Working around you to create a relaxing and soothing environment for your Mind, Body & Spirit. 
    Therapies                                     Readings
     Reiki & Seichem                  Psychometry/Clairvoyance
       Reiki & Crystals                   Psychic/Tarot Cards
 For the past 6 years I have worked full time as a PA within the NHS Trust. This work is demanding and stressful, so I appreciate how important it is to find a  work life balance and relaxation for the
 Mind, Body & Spirit.
I was first introduced to Reiki by a work colleague and I was Attuned to Tera~Mai TM Reiki & Seichem  (Level 1 & 2 Degree) in January, 2006 and  have been a Practitioner ever since. 
I believe that Reiki really does make a difference to your well-being,
having experienced the healing benefits of Reiki for myself,  I would highly recommend this Therapy for everyone to try.
Regular sessions of Reiki will help to maintain your
health and positive attitude to life. 
On a Spiritual level I have been developing my Mediumship Gift for many years and it has been a natural progression for me to incorporate Psychometry/ Clairvoyance & Psychic/Tarot Card Readings
 to help and offer you  guidance in your life.
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